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Sunday, December 14, 2014

The shameless truth about glass artist

So rather than apologize for not posting I will not feel guilty and just start again. Lots happened. Lots has changed in my life but one fact remains constant as a glass artist: unless you are working in a third world slave shop punching out constant cookie cutter pieces, you will not do this for a living unless you make it into the select cycle of high art.
Note the ever popular: YouTube video
At Christmas this become highly evident as glass ordements sparkle and shine bringing joy to millions. I hang my few kept glass ordements made by moi on my tree with loving care and wistfully wish I had more to make. More demand. 

So here I am trying to make the best of the little orbs of bittersweet truth. My husband wanted more ordiments on the tree so here I go.

 I'd leave these this beautiful marron color if it wasn't still a childhood nightmare. My mom loved it as used it as an accent in her home everywhere as well as an entire room dedicated to it. We also grew up in a minivan ewe lovingly called the blood vessel it was the same color inside and out. So I'm changing the color. Here's how. 
First remove the stems:

Next clean up all the glass:

Then find some cardboard, might I suggest the box your new fireplace screen came in? And put the longest nails you can find in that mess of a garage still hopeful of redeeming anything but a wet hound after a hunt. Place the nails in it like so: 

Then place glass upon it like so:

I will spray paint these soon and then decorating will commence. Leave your color suggestions below. Also I apologize for the poor quality pics....husband was working on the electrical for the sake of all the little fingers coming to celebrate Christmas at our house this year.