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Monday, July 18, 2016

Remenants of a summer

These pictures are from the historic a society of Greensburg, IN and the pictures of the square grand are specifically for you so I hope you enjoy.

This is a great example of murini work in a glass paperweight from the 1930s. My husband David and I had a field day explaining how it was made to two older ladies running the joint. 

We even had a moment that felt like the Antiques Road Show from pbs where we turned it over and revealed clues to its origin and date because of the word 'China' scrawled on the bottom. Thanks to our trusty googling skills and glass history we were able to inform them just how wonderful and somewhat worthless it was. The experience was priceless. 

This is front of a church nearby. 

It's amazing to me how fast this summer has flown by. I feel a great since of dread and a pinch of excitement as I return tomorrow to another school year- my second as an Art teacher. 

Dear God let it go more smoothly. 

Leaded glass from a second story building in the courthouse square. 

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Summer Vacation

This may read like that of a fourth graders first semester paper written in the loathed first week of school but I'm hoping I have better stories and perhaps better spelling. 
Obviously my run on sentences are on par. 

There are two things necessary for a family road trip with a ten month old to succeed. Those two things are sleep and kindness. Humor is a close third but without at least one of the former humor cannot exist. 

I feel that as I grow up I can never be too kind. I feel that used to be kinder and some of it drifted away. I know the old saying is there ever present in a different age but we should be able to use it today as well. Props to you if you do genuinely.

  "You're too kind.." It said sincerely is something of sweet southren beauty. 

We have seen a lot of Midwest and had many laughs so far. Best of all of course has been the food- my recommendations are for Joplin, Mo is The Red Onion, Cuba, Mo is at the Bakery and Deli on Main Street, and Twiggs in Chesterfield, Mo. If you must only visit one go to The Red Oinion and have the soup and order a slice of pie for me- I was too full from my steak dinner to press on into delicious deserts.  

Monday, July 4, 2016

Nightmares and Pinterest

Anytime I have a bad nightmare I pray.
I pray a lot. 
I have a lot of bad nightmares.
I pray a lot. 

They used to be night terrors but God has dilivered me thus far and I beloved he will the rest if the way if I would fill myself up with him only. 

However I still have lots of nightmares and after I'm done praying away the horrid dreams such as last nights.... Giant hermit crab attacking me and my family and my foot being pinched off by the big claw and eaten whilst my baby girl is saved by my mom and my husband shoots the crab and rescues what is left of me. 

Anyways....after such dreams I pray and after prayer sometimes comes sleep- most times....

But then there are the other times when every foul and evil thing that can spring from the corners of my mind ends up surfacing and sleep is gone- wakeful stupid reality of no sleep sets in and I surf the Pinterest. 

What do you do when you can't sleep?