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Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Good with the Bad

I've finally learned in life that accepting the bad with the good does not mean you give the bad permission to happen. 

It does not mean that you have an expectation for the bad of life to fulfill its destiny.

If you can accept the bad that happens in this fallen world then you can truly enjoy the good. 

The bad doesn't spoil your day. It makes the good richer somehow.

 It makes the good more pure and something precious in our lives. 

Good things, simple or extravagant, seems as if they are the best version of themselves. 

As if every good moment is on an interview and nailing it.

There were a lot of hard times this past nine months but I'm in awe of how good life can be with my baby's life in the world.

Her story has just begun. While my story is the better for having her in it.