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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Retaining Walls and Testimonies

We purchased stone for the new walk way alongside the garage that the retaining wall and french drainage system has presented. It is coming along nicely!  

While I was shoveling out the 3/4 a ton of rock I thought a lot. One has much time to think when one has 3/4 a ton of rock to move. 

I shoveled, and shoveled and thought…

I thought about the rough time I've been going through trying to become an artist with a day job. My performance at the bank, my day job, has been less than perfect. It isn't for lack of trying or efforts mind you…. I have no excuses for it save some dyslexic and digraphic tendencies that have until now been manageable. 

Shovel, rocks land in the pile below…

But as I reflected on the now several bad days I've had questioning God's plan for me at this bank I realized that it isn't the outcome in someone's testimony that gets us to push through or hold on and have faith. It is the actions they took during such rough points. Its the prayer, the being still, the knowing He is Lord that inspire others and myself to press onward towards the finish line. 

Shovel, rocks bounce...

I'd be lying if I told you I didn't care what job God gave me to do for a living. But that is only because I feel He has made me for a purpose. On the same point it would be reckless for me to assume what that purpose is or how it will come about. There is lesson and purpose in everything put before us when we take it to God. 

Shovel, rocks break...

Sometimes walking a life with God means breaking as the rocks upon other rocks. I've been breaking down much like these rocks, laying myself out for His words to guide me. Much is being revealed. And while I don't know why He has me in this bank job, I will do it and work it like I was working for God. 

I can never be ashamed of a job I did when I am working for it for Him. I pretended that I was scrubbing toilets for Jesus to sit on at my last job and it became my favorite task. At the bank I work for the customer as if it is God's money we are investing.

I do my best and I'm happy that God has my salvation, my day to day and all my tears at the end of a bad day. 

Stones break and sometimes I do too. But its all ok, because God has got me in His arms. I trust in Him. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Organize work space inside

This is me and my organization happiness. 
Plus I'm working on one of the things that will be scratched off my list…. someday.  This past few weeks I have plunged into all at once tackling indoor areas and purging the unsold, unusable glass as well as all the unneeded things. I started with the closets because I needed a way to put away things we use everyday in a place they could be found again. If I can't find a place to hang up my coat or get a new lightbulb then I'm going to have a pretty hard time delving into sorting my art materials by color and medium. So here are some things I've done in order to make my life work, so my life can help me work towards my GLASS GOALS: 
  • Inventory purge
  • Organize work space inside <<<<< Focus
  • Organize work space outside<<<<< Back Burner
  • Put together artist resume
  • Put together artist statement
  • Put together work picture portfolio 
  • Put together pieces in a transportable manner
  • Choose Gallery and/or website to host work
  • Put together a list of galleries and/or websites
So to achieve the this organize work space inside-ness I've with the help of my awesome husband done:

A Garage sale!  Gross profit was approximately $150, cost of table and safe box for money (both things we shall use in the future) $80, net profit = $70. Huzah! 

Also, less junk in my life = priceless. 

(We will have another in May with the neighborhood garage sale that we had only just found out about and hope for one more round of success.)

Closets organization! Done and done and done! its amazing when you just pull everything out and say to yourself- "What do I need, use and want to store here?" This can happen…..
View my closet and evny or even better be inspired: 

They may not seem so grand and pretty like we wish our closets to magically be when we set forth after 5 min. pouring our souls into the The Container Store catalog that somehow found it's way into our hands and hearts as some ideal perfection that we has humans could possibly attain.
The whole point to being organized is being able to find something and return it once finished with it to a place it can be found again. It will get pretty laters. 

Here are some really great links to how to purge, a vital step in spring cleaning. If you are on the road to your own personal GLASS GOALS or other life goals… these could help:

Where is all the glass?

Well as I have lectured you all on my love of list- I am somewhat bad about making and sticking to them myself especially when the emotions of fear and anxiety stew with my perception of reality. 
It tells me that I can't do it or shouldn't do something unless I can nail it the first time.

That is not how life is.

This is not how glass is.

Glass is a process if learning.

You could be a natural and you could have watched lots of material (a great way to learn) before you ever have held a pipe in your hands. 

But eventually you will just have to do it.

Screw up and learn and do it again. 

My list includes to be ambitious and achieve my GLASS GOALS: 
  • Inventory purge
  • Organize work space inside 
  • Organize work space outside
  • Put together artist resume
  • Put together artist statement
  • Put together work picture portfolio 
  • Put together pieces in a transportable manner
  • Choose Gallery and/or website to host work
  • Put together a list of galleries and/or websites

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Inventory purge

So it's hard to say goodbye to any peice of artwork that I attempt to make. Even if it does not end up being what I hoped I get sad when it doesn't find a home- no matter how many flaws or cracks, scratches- oh and let's not forget- doesn't even remotely sit flat.
 Two weeks ago David and I pulled out what we need to scrap and load up to the dump. 

We loaded up the new SUV wannabe and my civic and to the city dump we went! Another weekend later our garage looked pretty good and the progress is growing. More post and pictures will come soon enough but I've been hard at work on a great many things. Even the improved new look to the blog!

My indoor and outdoor workrooms are getting tons of attention and so much is getting done I haven't stopped to tell you all about it.

  I'm psyched!

As well as possibly dating myself with that phrase. 

I don't know when you'll see my house in a pretty home decor scroll in pintrest- it's not my goal, well I lie- it is a small goal but most defiantly not the main one. 

The main one is to keep a blog about my life - and y'all get all the gritty details too :) 

Not to mention shiny ones: 

Monday, April 7, 2014

My Focus and Style

 As you have come to find out my glass-lifestlye-christian-girlie-perspective blog is amounting to much more of the everyday life- or at least what it takes to live that life for now type of blog than a purist glass artist blog.

Se La Vie! 

To myself this comes with dismay as well as joy. 

 Realizing that your life revolves much more about one thing you are passionate about than another you boast makes it a little humbling to call yourself that less frequented glass girl fanatic. 

Right now I am obsessed with design blogs and decorating books galore. It goes to show that even naming this blog I have described it as vaguely as I dare. And all this to say I still named it pointy hoping it turns me into a better artist and a better christian wife along the way. I also have noticed that it is helping me gauge where I am at on my journey. 

Yay for blogs! They help me focus. 

Recently I might say that this blog helped me begin to say who I truly am to the world in a more visual and personal way. 

So I think I've found my style. Finally! As a huge Emily Henderson fan I have wondering what my personal style diagnostic would have named if I were ever lucky enough to be described by the design sweetie. You can find out what these diagnostics are like here on her former hgtv show. Needless to say they give you a kind of formula to making your style very you and beautifully cohesive. 

So you ready for it, here it is: SPORTY GLAM

This one describes my husband and my actually where equal parts of the sporty and the glam colide in a fantastic way. We are DIY rock climbing, glass blowing nuts who have been renovating a house and along the way making it home. All the while appreciating the finer things in life: great food, wine, spirits, company and luxurious taste when it comes to comfortably. 

It must look fantastic, and it must be functional. 

I discovered this whilst trying on different clothes and thanks to a sweetie girlfriend who gave me a JCP gift card for my birthday I found the most brilliantly colored top I've ever fallen for. And it hit me: it was comfortable, it was graphic, it was simple, it was colorful. 

It was the perfect marriage of 'Oh Darling!' and 'Lets do this!'. 

Its like Audry Hepburn met Chihuly

Well that's all I got for now. So long sweethearts,

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Some Days You just can't win.

Demonstrated by our beloved Disney's Tangled in this short:

some days just don't work out the way you though they would.

This last week my life has been less than predictable. 

But that is life. I am so happy I am in God's hands and not my fallible own.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Thrift Tuesday

I love to thrift. 

The great prices, the great variety, and not to mention the hunt and find of it all.

Here are just a few things I discovered this week on a visit to my local thrift store. 

Check out this beautiful glass piece. 
It has some adventurine in it as well. Hard to tell via the photo, I couldn't get closer due to the glass case this lovely was housed in. 

And then we find a wonderful basket, great leather and brass details. So what if the lid faster doesn't stay shut, I say take it off and fill it with the kids toys or some cozy throw and call it a day. 

And then there was this little glass beauty. 
All the way from Germany, she rings true.
Sometimes glass doesn't get much better than theses fine pieces. 

 This picture inside is well done, but not my type of country taste, the real gym is in that hardware on the frame. Beautiful and anywhere else you'd be dreaming to find such a custom piece at such a price. 

Did Charlie just call my name amongst the Angles?

These two almost took a ride home with me, but I resisted their temptations. 

Oh the mid-centuryness loveliness!

Bye Bye for now Angels.