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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What's a crazy artist like you doing in a place like this!

So while in fact I haven't even begun training for my banking job yet I am already picturing showing up on my first day with this expression shouted from the rooftops.  I will be that person: the working artist.

It beats the alliterative: the starving artist.

Because we all know artist and artist fans alike that if you are called to be creative to your core, one must, will and at the end of all things be an artist. Worshiping through mimicry of the first and only true Artist out there: The Creator.

Hes so cool with his fancy first name only. Also His name is a verb. How cool is that? Kim K. and Kanye W. may have the dibs on their child North W. but The Creator  ahem…. spoke the direction he is named after into existence. Before I go on and on about names, baby and of the LORD, I will get back to the main subjects of this post: Fashion.

I know, nowhere in that first paragraph is anything spoken about fashion. No fear. I have heard your cry. You are there now…. here, rather.

The problem at hand is how to succeed in the both creative and corporate world. VC majors and other graphic arts (where I started getting back to my love of art) are masters at this. Your work takes place in the corporate world and your studio is on the computer, well how convenient. Forgive my jealousy but this seems just too easy. No I kid. It is never easy.

My particular journey of marring the two is just beginning. Previously all my studio work was much like my studio work. They mirrored in the attire, athletic aspects and general presentation of oneself. In both I had to be a great communicator and I will carry that on to my new job.

But one thing I won't carry with me is my outward appearance.

The hot-shop requires natural fibers, good for movement, little or no jewelry and durability. Tee-shirts, bras you can sweat in, jeans that are primarily cotton ( so hard to find in a girls world of fashion) and something to hold the hair back or protected. You could bother with makeup but breakout happen more often due to the way you can't sweat naturally. Oh yeah, and general hydration and your weight in chapstick sometimes is most important part of getting ready for a day in the heat and glass.

This is hardly the look of your friendly bank teller. Now I am not saying that it is difficult to look this part, nor the part of a bank teller. I could go out and purchase two pant suits, three shirts, a skirt and two pairs of shoes and be done. But this is hardly the blog of an average girl: hence the desire to be and do all!
How does a studio artist not loose herself in the corporate world of fashion for women. How does she not show up her first day and someone not say "what's a crazy artist like you doing in a place like this!"

This is my mission: to not hide my artist self in the corporate banking world. Here goes!

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