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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Thrift Tuesday

I love to thrift. 

The great prices, the great variety, and not to mention the hunt and find of it all.

Here are just a few things I discovered this week on a visit to my local thrift store. 

Check out this beautiful glass piece. 
It has some adventurine in it as well. Hard to tell via the photo, I couldn't get closer due to the glass case this lovely was housed in. 

And then we find a wonderful basket, great leather and brass details. So what if the lid faster doesn't stay shut, I say take it off and fill it with the kids toys or some cozy throw and call it a day. 

And then there was this little glass beauty. 
All the way from Germany, she rings true.
Sometimes glass doesn't get much better than theses fine pieces. 

 This picture inside is well done, but not my type of country taste, the real gym is in that hardware on the frame. Beautiful and anywhere else you'd be dreaming to find such a custom piece at such a price. 

Did Charlie just call my name amongst the Angles?

These two almost took a ride home with me, but I resisted their temptations. 

Oh the mid-centuryness loveliness!

Bye Bye for now Angels. 

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