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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Preparing For The Flood

Ok, no flood warning in effect but we are preping our house for a better drainage plan. When we got the place the poor drainage in our backyard had practically buried the house and garage.

 No litteraly, three feet in some places. The perevious owner for whatever reason had every good intention, according to our wonderful neighbor Clifford, to love her backyard and spend time in it but never did. 

So this, our second spring in the yard, has brought us back to the task we started last spring and fall. 

Note: we work outside when it's nice, inside when the heat or cold gets to be too much. 

This spring and fall you'll see a lot of outside projects done. In the summer and winter, inside is where we'll be at! 

Where was I? Oh yes. We are digging a trench for our French drain and building a retaining wall. 

Note that I do consider this a part of organizing the outside space for work (glass), well sorta. If our outside drainage doesn't get fixed, the garage and house will eventually rot, flood or worse. So the garage is a part of it all. It's a long road.

More on french drains here.

More on digging here.

More on the flood here. 

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