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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Happy Pi Day!

Ok so I know that I'm a day late on this one: official pie day being 3.14. Whatever year this is but you gotta hand it to me- I did make a pie for pie day! 
The steps to make can be found in possibly my favorite cookbook ever- with exception to of course my moms collection she is imparting me each year in different chapters: this past years was casseroles, the year previous was soups. Amazing stuff - it should/ will be published! Anyhow- she makes great pies, and now my husband and I make great pies.  But this book does rock!

This fruit filling is perhaps the easiest part - and the most visually dynamic- pictures don't do it justices. 

Strawberry fields forever…


My favorite part perhaps is riling out the dough- French rolling pin isn't a must but is amazing to have when you learn how to work it. 
 I love the feel of flour and the cold dough starting to warm and meld into shape.


Raw, but I still was temped to face plant myself junto this bad boy

 Ta da! Finished Pie!



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