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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Joys of Lists

If you have never made an actual list prepare to be astonished. 

                                                 Spoiler alert!

They help! 

Now you may have made a list for an important trip detailing what you will need to pack or perhaps a list to go to the grocery store or even a list of things you wish to do before you die. AKA the bucket list. These are not the type of list of which I speak. 

These are important lists.

However they do not help you achieve your goals. 

Nor do they make your dreams come true. 

And most of all those they do not bring peace of mind in the now. 

Those list that do look like something like this……


Anyway, I was saying…..

Those types of list are made in a minute or two MAX! 
On the lunch break or when you are ending your day. 
They are to empty the brain. 
They art ten in items or less. 

How: If you make a list of things to do 10 items long chances are it will get done. I am not saying this based in some statistical data I have retrieved. I'm saying this because it works for me.
Why?  Anything over ten and things just don't happen.

How: Alternate big or negative items on your list with fun or short items. 
Why? It motivates.

How:  If you have one big thing to accomplish on a day off - brake it down bit by bit and let it take the space of many things you would do that day and save a few for the necessities of life. 
Why? Dinner, shower, return that phone call- etc. sometimes you just have life to catch up on and you may be Super-person, but even Super-person has to stop at some point. It will also help you to tackle the job in a logical way. Steps a, b, c, all lead to d. D is for that magical word, done!  

So why make list anyway? 

Everything you do in life adds up. This artist is taking notes on life and it seems to sum up to something in the end with or without your influence. I make lists- my life changes in steps I can manage without getting overwhelmed by the end goal.

 When I don't make list..... I worry more, I'm scattered, I end up watching full seasons of horrible shows all summer long instead of working on making that art piece happen in some form or fashion. 

So make a day-to-day list and see what happens! 
You might be surprised what you get done. 

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