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Monday, April 7, 2014

My Focus and Style

 As you have come to find out my glass-lifestlye-christian-girlie-perspective blog is amounting to much more of the everyday life- or at least what it takes to live that life for now type of blog than a purist glass artist blog.

Se La Vie! 

To myself this comes with dismay as well as joy. 

 Realizing that your life revolves much more about one thing you are passionate about than another you boast makes it a little humbling to call yourself that less frequented glass girl fanatic. 

Right now I am obsessed with design blogs and decorating books galore. It goes to show that even naming this blog I have described it as vaguely as I dare. And all this to say I still named it pointy hoping it turns me into a better artist and a better christian wife along the way. I also have noticed that it is helping me gauge where I am at on my journey. 

Yay for blogs! They help me focus. 

Recently I might say that this blog helped me begin to say who I truly am to the world in a more visual and personal way. 

So I think I've found my style. Finally! As a huge Emily Henderson fan I have wondering what my personal style diagnostic would have named if I were ever lucky enough to be described by the design sweetie. You can find out what these diagnostics are like here on her former hgtv show. Needless to say they give you a kind of formula to making your style very you and beautifully cohesive. 

So you ready for it, here it is: SPORTY GLAM

This one describes my husband and my actually where equal parts of the sporty and the glam colide in a fantastic way. We are DIY rock climbing, glass blowing nuts who have been renovating a house and along the way making it home. All the while appreciating the finer things in life: great food, wine, spirits, company and luxurious taste when it comes to comfortably. 

It must look fantastic, and it must be functional. 

I discovered this whilst trying on different clothes and thanks to a sweetie girlfriend who gave me a JCP gift card for my birthday I found the most brilliantly colored top I've ever fallen for. And it hit me: it was comfortable, it was graphic, it was simple, it was colorful. 

It was the perfect marriage of 'Oh Darling!' and 'Lets do this!'. 

Its like Audry Hepburn met Chihuly

Well that's all I got for now. So long sweethearts,

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