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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Inventory purge

So it's hard to say goodbye to any peice of artwork that I attempt to make. Even if it does not end up being what I hoped I get sad when it doesn't find a home- no matter how many flaws or cracks, scratches- oh and let's not forget- doesn't even remotely sit flat.
 Two weeks ago David and I pulled out what we need to scrap and load up to the dump. 

We loaded up the new SUV wannabe and my civic and to the city dump we went! Another weekend later our garage looked pretty good and the progress is growing. More post and pictures will come soon enough but I've been hard at work on a great many things. Even the improved new look to the blog!

My indoor and outdoor workrooms are getting tons of attention and so much is getting done I haven't stopped to tell you all about it.

  I'm psyched!

As well as possibly dating myself with that phrase. 

I don't know when you'll see my house in a pretty home decor scroll in pintrest- it's not my goal, well I lie- it is a small goal but most defiantly not the main one. 

The main one is to keep a blog about my life - and y'all get all the gritty details too :) 

Not to mention shiny ones: 

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