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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Funny how life is.

Where have you been? Well Funny you should ask. This gif tells all about how the last year of my life has gone. Wait…. what is that you say - timestamp says otherwise? Its only been a little over a month?

 Nah. Must be a glitch because I've done 5 p90x workouts….

….had a car wreck that totaled my Roxie of 9 years

…..and overhauled everything I have ever considered acceptable to digest. Pintrest fail btw- these were a waist of good avocado. 

 Also I got to play with this thing…. SO FUN!

Yes definitely a glich. More time must have pasted because I would never dare abandon this blog to live life or rather what has been going on lately: my life living me. Do you ever feel that way? Let me know. Also let me know if you see Ron Burgundy anywhere- I need his hair tips. 

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