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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I'm Still Alive.

You know when you make that promise to yourself that you, 

"...will reach your goals…" 


 " I'm going to blog more because it really seems to help me. " 

and then you arrive somewhere between, 

"… Yeah, I'm taking my summer off when it comes to my blog, it's common in the blogging world…"


 "…Oh, thats right, yeah. Yeah. Yeaaaah! ….


 ..I mean - YES!  I do have a blog."

Then they:

Well I'm still alive. I have more cards. My life these days is filled with being a teacher, struggling to stay on a health related diet, renovations continuing and somehow getting out of debt.

 I don't believe how fast time has passed and I owe this blog so much of what has happened in the last couple months. I want more of this change in my life so I will persist, even if there is no one out there reading.

 I'm still alive. I'm still gaining ground and I'm still in love with Jesus and who he is making me  into. I don't have much more than that but I don't need it. 


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