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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Social media quandary

Wow! What a whirl-wind.... its been a while but that being said more has happened than time has allowed. This song pretty much sums up being a first year elementary art teacher, being certified, having a baby, helping your husband study for architect exams- all seven of them.... oh yeah and life as usual.

 This has been my life recently regarding this blog and all the other social media methods:

This is how I feel about my social media life. I want to feel connected with friends and family but somehow all I do is end up seeing them less and less the more I Instagram, Facebook, Facebook messenger, Pinterest or tumbler. I waste away my time on lusting after things and three second amusements that add squat to my life. 

Don't get me wrong I've learned and done a lot useful with these mediums of communication. But it hasn't helped me enough to outweigh the bad it brings with it. 

What do you use and how? I know the how makes all the difference.

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