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Monday, April 21, 2014

Where is all the glass?

Well as I have lectured you all on my love of list- I am somewhat bad about making and sticking to them myself especially when the emotions of fear and anxiety stew with my perception of reality. 
It tells me that I can't do it or shouldn't do something unless I can nail it the first time.

That is not how life is.

This is not how glass is.

Glass is a process if learning.

You could be a natural and you could have watched lots of material (a great way to learn) before you ever have held a pipe in your hands. 

But eventually you will just have to do it.

Screw up and learn and do it again. 

My list includes to be ambitious and achieve my GLASS GOALS: 
  • Inventory purge
  • Organize work space inside 
  • Organize work space outside
  • Put together artist resume
  • Put together artist statement
  • Put together work picture portfolio 
  • Put together pieces in a transportable manner
  • Choose Gallery and/or website to host work
  • Put together a list of galleries and/or websites

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