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Monday, April 21, 2014

Organize work space inside

This is me and my organization happiness. 
Plus I'm working on one of the things that will be scratched off my list…. someday.  This past few weeks I have plunged into all at once tackling indoor areas and purging the unsold, unusable glass as well as all the unneeded things. I started with the closets because I needed a way to put away things we use everyday in a place they could be found again. If I can't find a place to hang up my coat or get a new lightbulb then I'm going to have a pretty hard time delving into sorting my art materials by color and medium. So here are some things I've done in order to make my life work, so my life can help me work towards my GLASS GOALS: 
  • Inventory purge
  • Organize work space inside <<<<< Focus
  • Organize work space outside<<<<< Back Burner
  • Put together artist resume
  • Put together artist statement
  • Put together work picture portfolio 
  • Put together pieces in a transportable manner
  • Choose Gallery and/or website to host work
  • Put together a list of galleries and/or websites
So to achieve the this organize work space inside-ness I've with the help of my awesome husband done:

A Garage sale!  Gross profit was approximately $150, cost of table and safe box for money (both things we shall use in the future) $80, net profit = $70. Huzah! 

Also, less junk in my life = priceless. 

(We will have another in May with the neighborhood garage sale that we had only just found out about and hope for one more round of success.)

Closets organization! Done and done and done! its amazing when you just pull everything out and say to yourself- "What do I need, use and want to store here?" This can happen…..
View my closet and evny or even better be inspired: 

They may not seem so grand and pretty like we wish our closets to magically be when we set forth after 5 min. pouring our souls into the The Container Store catalog that somehow found it's way into our hands and hearts as some ideal perfection that we has humans could possibly attain.
The whole point to being organized is being able to find something and return it once finished with it to a place it can be found again. It will get pretty laters. 

Here are some really great links to how to purge, a vital step in spring cleaning. If you are on the road to your own personal GLASS GOALS or other life goals… these could help:

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