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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Retaining Walls and Testimonies

We purchased stone for the new walk way alongside the garage that the retaining wall and french drainage system has presented. It is coming along nicely!  

While I was shoveling out the 3/4 a ton of rock I thought a lot. One has much time to think when one has 3/4 a ton of rock to move. 

I shoveled, and shoveled and thought…

I thought about the rough time I've been going through trying to become an artist with a day job. My performance at the bank, my day job, has been less than perfect. It isn't for lack of trying or efforts mind you…. I have no excuses for it save some dyslexic and digraphic tendencies that have until now been manageable. 

Shovel, rocks land in the pile below…

But as I reflected on the now several bad days I've had questioning God's plan for me at this bank I realized that it isn't the outcome in someone's testimony that gets us to push through or hold on and have faith. It is the actions they took during such rough points. Its the prayer, the being still, the knowing He is Lord that inspire others and myself to press onward towards the finish line. 

Shovel, rocks bounce...

I'd be lying if I told you I didn't care what job God gave me to do for a living. But that is only because I feel He has made me for a purpose. On the same point it would be reckless for me to assume what that purpose is or how it will come about. There is lesson and purpose in everything put before us when we take it to God. 

Shovel, rocks break...

Sometimes walking a life with God means breaking as the rocks upon other rocks. I've been breaking down much like these rocks, laying myself out for His words to guide me. Much is being revealed. And while I don't know why He has me in this bank job, I will do it and work it like I was working for God. 

I can never be ashamed of a job I did when I am working for it for Him. I pretended that I was scrubbing toilets for Jesus to sit on at my last job and it became my favorite task. At the bank I work for the customer as if it is God's money we are investing.

I do my best and I'm happy that God has my salvation, my day to day and all my tears at the end of a bad day. 

Stones break and sometimes I do too. But its all ok, because God has got me in His arms. I trust in Him. 

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