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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sick and Lots Done

The benefit of doing a lot in a short amount of time is that sometimes you over-do it and get sick and then don't blog for two weeks or something and let all your house go to town on its own witch equals out to MESS. 


Also if you could read that sentence in one breath, congratulations. Also if you can read this blog at all without stopping yourself to say,"Is this even proof read?". Well then I say again, congratulations.  If you do read this and want to edit, lets talk… 


All that being said lots have been getting done around here, but it seems like I've neglected balancing it all and I've gotten sick. All in all no one is perfect and sometimes you just have to get grateful.  This is something my friend and I do to keep ourselves in the right frame of mind when things in life get bad. List ten things you are thankful for right now about the thing that is making you unhappy:

My ten reasons I'm grateful…. in my case … for being sick:

10. I'm grateful that being sick gives me time to reflect
9. I'm grateful that being sick gives me a chance to empathize with others who are sick full time or temp like me
8. I'm grateful that being sick physically can be cured spiritually
7. I'm grateful that I can catch up on sleep
6. I'm grateful that being sick reminds me that I need to worry less about the little things
5. I'm grateful that I am sick so I remember I have an awesome support system 
4. Im grateful that being sick reminds me of what true love is in my husband
3. I'm grateful that being sick reminds me how awesome it is to be healthy
2. I'm grateful that being sick lets me notice how fragile life is 
1. it offers an instant restart on how crappy I treat my body sometimes. 

What do you do when a part of your productive life falls to pieces?
What have been your most productive moments in life?

-HH out!

PS I'm trying to upgrade the look of my blog. Please let me know if it sucks. lol

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