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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Confessions of a Art Hoarder.

I'm a horder. I can change. If I have to, I guess.

Some of you will get the reference. The rest of you can just see this picture below and look up more RED GREEN SHOW. Its worth it.

Purging gives you back things that you didn't have room for before because the space physically, spiritually, emotionally or mentally just wasn't there.

Some times you really should let it go.

So far this has really helped add to the GLASS GOAL of Organize inside work space. Progress is slow but sure. I can not even tell you how hard it was to throw out the 20-something boxes of memories scrawled on pieces of paper from as far back as high school. I don't know if you know of someone or are someone who easily attaches meaning to every scrap of paper stub, receipt or any other random candy wrapper because you're first high school crush gave you it on your birthday…. ok thats a bit extreme….. But you know what it's like.  I'd be lying if I didn't have a few file folders dedicated to the notes passed in study hall or the letters sent between two childhood friends filled with scripts and poetry in my two drawer cabinet. 

Yup, thats it!


 I have a two drawer file cabinet that I told myself, 

"Everything has to fit here. No more than this, including all the absolutes we have to have anyway on paper like personal documents, car titles, etc...."

I found out I'm better with limits, I'm going to make art again because now I have room. Or at the very least I have a space coming together for it.  

So often I think that I think life moves faster than I do, but if I limit what I say yes to in my life, my life will match the speed I desire. 

I want to do everything, but everything all at once is truly awful.

 I'm going to strive to enjoy what is coming to pass when it comes. 

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