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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Thrift and SPACECOW

Welcome to another thrifting adventure! This is where I share with you all the things nifty I find at a thrift store and don't buy. Because as we all truly know…. its about the find. 

This awesome lamp could not be more hideous upon first glance but then I thought to my self with the preverbal double take…..

…those elephants…


….that white….


….the gold details….

"Well who doesn't like those?"

(its really the ugliest part)


That just happened, can you see it? 

I can. 

It would go in a room arranged slightly like this… or this….

Or you could adopt this lovely green set of glasses. As a glass artist and person who loves the both the utilitarian and beauty of the material in daily life I try when possible to leave behind first world joys of buying the funky cheap glass wears at the tar'geea that we all know and love. I choose of late to purchase second hand what I find if I have need of something glass. That way I'm not ruining my career as a glass artist or yours as one either. If you don't know what the heck I'm referring to…. you really should watch this vid

Actually you should watch this vid never mind any deep cause I have. 

These are amazing glass workers. 

Next we have a fancy little art deco hardware number that will hold your jewery or makeup with a good cleaning and a perfect way to listen to the chipmunks sing christmas songs on 3x the speed. Holla' at cha if you did that in your childhood every December and July. 

Also a fine example of craftsmanship is this 1950's chair and its partner. A true steal at $40 a piece but they stayed for another to take home. On the right here we have a beautiful example of what glass can do once manipulated by a novice glass artist. I wonder who made this flower and if they made it's cleaver stand as well….

And then there is 


What did you do before her?

You'll never know.

You'll never know!

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